Extension of existing runway and enlarging of apron in Zagatala Airport
2014 - 2017

Work volumes fulfilled within the project:

750 000 m3
Capping layer from crushed stone mixture
47 100 m3
Subbase course from the crushed stone mixture
28 200 m3
Asphalt-concrete mixture
121 000 tons

Reconstruction works were started in March, 2014.

The existing runway with the length of 2000 m and the width of 35 m has been extended to the length of 3000 m and the width of 60 m. The apron with the area of 16000 m2 has been enlarged to the area of 30800 m2 and the area of taxiways was enlarged to 4000 m2.

Construction works were completed at the end of 2017.