Design and Execution of the Works on the Project Ruma – Sabac - Loznica,
Republic of Serbiya
2020 - 2025

Employer: Koridori Srbije d.o.o. Belgrade, Kralja Petra 21, Serbia,

On the day of November 19, 2019 the Commercial contract for design and construction of the Highway Ruma-Sabac and speed road Sabac – Loznica including the bridge over Sava River in Sabac has been signed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure prof. dr Zorana Mihajlovic and Mr. Kamil Aliyev, as a executive director of Azvirt LLC, in the presence of Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, President of the Republic of Serbia.

The value of the Contract is 467,5 mil EUR.

Time for completion of the design is one year and the time for completion of the works is 3 years for the highway (LOT1) and the bridge (LOT2) and 5 years for the speed road (LOT3).

Commencement date for the works at LOT2 – Bridge over Sava River is June 18, 2020, and the works on the bridge construction are ongoing.