How is an optimum content of bitumen achieved in AzVirt?

19 January 2022

Along with production processes, AzVirt LLC also carries out research work in parallel. For the first time in Azerbaijan, this company imported modern equipment RTFOT, PAV, DSR, BBR used for PCG bitumen testing in the United States and achieved positive results.

As we know, only one type of bitumen is produced in Azerbaijan. If we look at the road-climatic zones of Azerbaijan, it is necessary to take into account the local climatic conditions during the construction roads and runways and aprons of airports in each zone. Thus, through research, the properties of bitumen available in the country are brought into a form that meets the climatic conditions of the area where the project is executed. For this purpose, new polymer additives are used and high-quality bitumen with the required adhesion is obtained. Scientific fundamental works in this direction are currently fulfilled in the laboratory of "AzVirt" LLC.

It should be noted that the Company is sensitive to this point in its projects.