Analysis of construction materials brought from Lachin

21 January 2022

Road construction materials to be used in the construction of the runway, apron and taxiways of Lachin International Airport are being analyzed in Baku - in the central laboratory of AzVirt LLC. Mais Ahmadov, head of the company's quality control and materials testing department, informed that earthworks are being carried out in Lachin (Gorchu village), and then a road pavement works are planned. Therefore, most of the experiments have already begun. “Recently, we brought a mixture of gravel and sand from there. We check the suitability of the crushed stone on asphalt and concrete after cutting them in a crusher.

M.Ahmadov added that the imported raw material is obtained by cutting mountain and rock fragments. For this purpose, new devices manufactured by the German company Kleemann were brought. They are currently used in the Karabakh region.

It should be noted that President Ilham Aliyev repeatedly drew attention to the use of local materials during his visits to construction sites in Karabakh. AzVirt LLC constantly takes it into consideration and continues its regular research.