Construction of motorway on corridor Vc,
Seciton: Počitelj - Bijača,
Subsection Počitelj-Zvirovići,
LOT 2: Bridge Počitelj,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019 - 2022

Technical Parameters and work volumes:

945 m
Number of traffic lanes
6 lanes
Width of traffic lane
3.75 m (4 x hərəkət zolağı), 2.50 m (2 x çiyin)
100,000 m3 (qazma=82,000 m3, dolğu=18,000 m)
Asphalt works
1,600 m3
Concrete works
40,000 m3
Number of bridges
1 ea

Employer: PE Autoceste FBiH, Adema Buca 20, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contract duration: September 2019 – December 2022

This Project is to be conducted by Azvirt in Consortium with Powerchina and Sinohydro.

The Bridge Počitelj crosses Neretva river with a single, continuous, 945 m long box prestressed concrete deck. Five main spans are 147 m long, while two side spans are 105 m long (105 + 5×147 + 105 = 945m).

The deck’s 21,92 m wide cross section is single cell box, varying in depth - with both constant and variable depth areas. Boxes have constant depth of 3,6 m on side spans near the abutments, while the rest of the superstructure, constructed by the balanced cantilever method, has variable depth being minimum 3,6 m in span centers and maximum 8,0 m at piers.

The cross section of the piers, designed as a hollow thin walled box, has varying geometry as a function of structural loads, both in construction as in service. Piers are 92m, 97m, 92m, 91m, 88m and 66m high, respectively. All piers have monolithic connection to the superstructure.

Both abutments as well as piers S1 and S6, are founded on shallow foundations, while piers S2, S3, S4 and S5 are founded on Ø1500 piles (25 pieces per pier). Piles are 25m (pier S2), 35m (piers S3 and S4) and 20-23m (pier S5) long.