Following in his Footsteps

Founder prof. ALI ALIYEV

Since establishment of “AZVIRT” LLC up today notwithstanding the negative effects of the recent global economic crisis in the world “AZVIRT” has been grown parallel to the Economical, Social and Cultural Development of Azerbaijan Republic and has succeeded its mission with impressive and advanced quality.

Today there are hundreds of people who worked with “AZVIRT” who benefit from training that continues to contribute to Social and Economical Development.

As “AZVIRT” our target is to construct important infrastructure Projects such as Motorways, Airports, Bridges which shall carry out the country to the future and be permanent monuments.

“AZVIRT” has been committed to respect the Environment Protection, Quality Assurance and ensuring the Healthy and Safe Working Conditions at all job sites.

Satisfying Employers` needs, Achieving Growth Target, Reliability, High-Level Standards, Sharing the Technological Know – How are all our vision in this sector for major construction projects.

Therefore we will be active and keen on sharing investment projects and work for the benefit of our people and the humanity, to develop the life standards everywhere. Besides that we shall respect the environment and protect the green since the World is not inherited to us.

We are also trying to carry our success to other countries and perform international projects in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

I would like to congratulate and thank to our workers, engineers and to all management team who are members of “AZVIRT FAMILY“ and who achieved this success by respecting to Azvirt`s ethic rules, discipline of team work and gave maximum importance to quality.

We are also grateful to our Clients who trusted and gave us those opportunities and thanks to all Governmental Departments who helped and support us during execution of our Projects.

Biography of Aliyev Ali Musa

Aliyev Ali Musa, well known scientist in road industry of Azerbaijan, Doctor of Technical sciences, professor, with Order of Honor, General Director of “AZVIRT” LLC was born on May 20, 1933 in Dahnaz village, Vedi region, the Republic of Azerbaijan. His father Musa was distinguished for his uncompromising position to the armenian dashnaks and struggled against damned armenian dashnaks as a battalion commander in “Red camp” detachment of Abbasgulu Bay Shadlinski. Musa being called as an Enemy of the People by the Soviet government was sentenced and sent to prison and his family was banished to Jambul region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Childhood and school years of A.Aliyev were spent there and after completing Mikhaylovsk high school of Sverdlov region in 1947 was admitted to the faculty of “Construction of urban roads and bridges” of Frunze Industrial Technical School and graduated from this school in 1953. In this year he was employed by “Yolmuhendistikinti” trust of the Ministry of Motor Vehicle of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan as a project engineer, and then as a chief engineer in construction. He took an active part in construction of Frunze-Osh motorway, one of the biggest highways of the Union, several bridges on the river Narin, also suspension bridge with the length of 99 m and a tunnel with a length of 2.4 km. He served in Soviet Army from December, 1955 up to March, 1958.

He was admitted to Saratov All-Union Institute of Highways in 1958, then in connection with their leave to Baku, he continued his study in Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute and graduated from this Institute in 1965.

He was appointed as a chief to “Specialized Traffic Trust” in Baku city in 1972.

A.M.Aliyev along with industrial activity, also did scientific researches, defending candidacy thesis in a subject “Activated mineral powder asphalt concrete application” in 1973 and doctor thesis in a subject “Regeneration of asphalt concrete” in 1984 was awarded the scientific degree of a Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Today new technology of making asphalt concrete mixes by using activated mineral powders suggested by professor A.M.Aliyev is being widely applied in construction of motorways and flight strips of aerodromes of several CIS countries.

A.Aliyev also worked at the Department of “Motorways, bridge and tunnels” of Azerbaijan Institute of Construction Engineers as a teacher in 1985 without leaving industrial work.

He was awarded scientific degree of a professor of a department of “Motorways, bridges and tunnels” in 1989.

A.M.Aliyev from December, 1999 until death worked as a General Director of “AZVIRT” LLC.

Under supervision of professor A.M.Aliyev technical-normative document “Guidance on construction of roads with asphalt concrete cover and aerodrome clothing in the Republic of Azerbaijan” was drafted and approved by the State Committee on Construction and Architecture and came into effect on June 01, 2004.

In an honor of professor A.M.Aliyev who was on a visit to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan by the invitation of the Government of Kyrgyzystan on July, 2005, one of the biggest bridges of which he was a chief engineer on the river Narin was called as “Kyrgyzstan-Azerbaijan Friendship Bridge” and memorial plate was put on a bridge.

A.M.Aliyev was awarded with “Red Labour Banner” order, several medals and honor certificate of the Republic of Azerbaijan. By the decree No.844 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 9, 2010 on occasion of professional holiday “Day of builders” A.M.Aliyev was awarded the order of “Honor” for his contributions to the development of construction complex.

About 100 scientific works, 3 monographs, books “Road-constructions materials”, “Construction of motor ways and aerodromes” (in 4 bindings), “Application of limestone materials in consruction of roads and aerodrom”, “Fundamentals of construction of traffic artery”, “Instructions on application of limestone materials in construction of roads and aerodrome”, “Structural formation of materials of construction of roads and aerodrome” and etc. have been published. He is the author of more than 25 innovation and patent.

A lot of monographs about life and scientific-practical work of A.M.Aliyev have been written in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English languages.

Aliyev Ali Musa died on April 23, 2016 at night after long-term illness.