Construction of motorway on corridor Vc,
Seciton Poprikuše – Zenica North (Donja Gračanica),
Subsection Vranduk – Ponirak,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019 - 2024

Technical Parameters and work volumes:

5,3 km
Number of traffic lanes
6 lanes
Width of traffic lane
3.75 m (4 x driving lanes), 2.50 m (2 x emergency lanes)
2,865,000 m3
(excavation = 2,078,600 m3,
filling = 786,400 m3)
Asphalt works
18,000 m3 / 41.522 tons
21.200 m3
Base course
53.000 m3
Concrete works
75.000 m3
Number of bridges
2 bridges (l=385 m; l=360 m) and 3 viaducts (l=81 m; l=90 m; l=112 m)
Number of tunnels
1 left tube l=456 m and right tube l=312 m

PE Autoceste FBiH, Adema Buca 20, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Together with its Consortium partner, Hering d.d. from Sirokii Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azvirt is conducting the works at this Project.

The route of the motorway subsection Vranduk - Ponirak is connected to the section Nemila – Vranduk in the north and to the section Ponirak – Vraca in the south.

This subsection was designed using spatially adjusted continual curves of situational plan to satisfy the boundary elements for design speed Vr 120 km/h.

Subsection starts in the south part of Nemila settlement - location “Stara stanica” and further runs toward south. With two bridges over river Bosna and through one tunnel, the route passes area of the Vranduk town. The alignment then passes in the vicinity of settlement Koprivna, on the right side of river Bosna and ends just before the Ponirak settlement.